I Have Seen the Gnostic Horror II by David Tibet (t-shirt design for Fabio Quaranta’s THE HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAIN—FW 1112)I was delighted and honoured to be asked by the noted – and superb – fashion designer Fabio Quaranta to design T-shirts for his Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection, ‘THE HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAIN – FW 1112’. I titled the series containing the pieces I made I HAVE SEEN THE GNOSTIC AWE AND ALL. My designs for the T-shirts were drawn from this series as well as from the 41 paintings I did called I AROSE AS ALEPH, THE SPELLER, THE KILLER. The T-shirts will be available in September 2011 from www.motelsalieri.com and other stockists worldwide; further details will follow on where to obtain them.


Fabio chose the album Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain as the inspiration for his collection, which consists of suits, shoes, accesories and T-shirts. He wrote, “The idea for the mood and style of the collection is my liberal interpretation of one of David’s last works Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain. Attendance was limited to those in the fashion business (press and buyers).


A promotional video made by Fabio Quaranta, featuring music by C93, can be seen here.





12/01/2011 AT 6 PM





Fabio Quaranta and David Tibet. Photo: Giulio Di Mauro

Myself and Baby Dee were special guests at the opening at which his collection was shown and modelled – one of the models was myself, and Baby Dee played material by C93 from Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain along with other material.


The collaboration between the amazing Fabio Quaranta and myself/C93 at the Pitti Fashion show in Florence went beautifully. Fabio’s collection has deservedly received hugely enthusiastic reviews from everyone there. A selection of online reviews and blogs, including from Vogue and Vanity Fair, can be seen below. David was also interviewed by the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera; the interview appears below, as does a pre-show article in the January edition of Vogue L’Uomo which discussed Fabio’s work and reproduces two paintings by myself. In the photograph of myself, Baby Dee and Andrew Liles I am wearing a T-shirt that Fabio Quaranta surprised me with carrying the legend ANOK PE on the front. (Photo taken by the remarkable Dutch artist and photographer Christina de Vos. The black and white one of Fabio Quaranta and me was taken by the blessed and beloved Giulio Di Mauro.



Baby Dee, David Tibet and Andrew Liles at Fabio Quaranta's fashion show, January 2011I also want to thank my friend the dynamic and lovely Grace Fisher who, together with Fabio, was responsible for the extraordinary show and collection. Also Francesca Pazzagli, Alessandra Foschi, Daniela Giuliano, Elisabetta Basilici, Diego Manfreda and Daniela Corcio for their kindness and help both before and after the event.


David Tibet interviewed in Corriere Della Sera, January 2011 David Tibet/Fabio Quaranta feature in Vogue, January 2011, part 1 David Tibet/Fabio Quaranta feature in Vogue, January 2011, part 2Pitti Imagine (video) (requires a plugin to work on Macs but it seems to be OK on Windows) • Pitti Imagine (photo gallery) • Vogue Italia (in English) • Fashionista (in English) • Vanity Fair (in Italian) • Moda Online (in Italian) • Dazed Digital (in English) • Moditalia (in Italian) • Lost in Fashion (in Italian) • Frizzifrizzi (in Italian)


Download a PDF file (92kb) containing English translations of the Italian articles. Translations: Lisa Emma Pizzighella.


Click on the images to view larger versions.



Fabio Quaranta: HoneySuckle Æons T-shirt Fabio Quaranta: HoneySuckle Æons T-shirt


Fabio Quaranta curated a small collection of T-shirts featuring the front cover of the UK/European CD edition of C93’s new album. The text on the top of the T-shirt’s back reads “FABIO QUARANTA/DRANK HONEYSUCKLE ÆONS/IN JOY WITH/CURRENT 93”. The initial run is of 66 small, 66 medium and 66 extra large. They were available at the Bologna show on 25 March 2011 and are also now available online at www.fabioquarantainjoywith.com or email . The T-shirt costs €29 in Italy, €33 in Europe and €35 elsewhere; the price includes postage.



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