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Forthcoming concerts

20 September 2014

Incubate festival

Promoters interesting in booking Current 93 please contact:

Current 93 and Myrninerest booking agents (excluding North America): Mark Slater at QuJunktions: . Website.
Current 93 and Myrninerest booking agents (North America)

Other news
Tue 03 June 2014

Mighty in Sorrow: a Tribute to David Tibet and Current 93

This book has now been released as a physical paperback—with an amazing cover by the wonderful Aleksandra Waliszewska—as well as in a Kindle edition. The advertising blurb states “A literary tribute to a true visionary. David Tibet has been a poet, artist, and musician for over 30 years and has influenced countless other musicians, artists, and authors. In this anthology, those who have been influenced by Tibet and Current 93 try to repay this debt in literary form. Authors include Thomas Ligotti, Joseph Pulver Sr., Daniel Mills, Michael Griffin, Robert M. Price and lots more.”


Though I couldn’t possibly comment…


Buy from Amazon UKAmazon USAmazon DEAmazon FR

Tue 03 June 2014

Aleksandra Waliszewska: Gold Hands Tremble book

My friend Aleksandra Waliszewska has three new books out. Two are new and improved editions of her PROBLEM and SOLUTION books, both of which have rewritten introductions by myself which differ from those in the (sold out) first editions. There is also a very limited special edition which also includes signed prints, a T-shirt, a tote bag and badges. 


The other book is titled GOLD HANDS TREMBLE and is published to mark an exhibition by her at Galerie Leto.

Tue 03 June 2014

Ramases: Life Child box set

I received my copies last week, and I am (uncharacteristically) speechless. It really is stunning, and I am OverMoon that my paintings—including one appearing as the cover—are included in the package and that some brief liner notes by me appear in it. I advise everyone to rush to get a copy as it was made in a fairly small edition.

Tue 03 June 2014
As the original edition of SING OMEGA, the book of David Tibet’s collected writings, sold out so quickly, I am doing two new editions, one identical (almost) to the standard edition, which I hope to be published in about four weeks, and the other, which will be published later, in a very different format. I hope the latter will be published before Christmas.
Tue 18 March 2014
I am receiving such an immense volume of mail that I can no longer reply to all of the many emails sent for my attention. Nor, I am afraid, is it possible for me to sign items when requested to do so. And, generally, please be aware it is rarely I who replies to communications to and Thanks for your understanding in this.
Mon 18 March 2013
I imagine it’s unlikely, but are there any Assyriologists reading this who are beginning, or proficient in, Akkadian?
Thu 20 December 2012
An important section on will be an online portfolio of my artwork; both those pieces available for sale and those held in collections. I am asking all of those who own original paintings and drawings of mine to scan, or take good quality photographs, of work of mine they own, if they would be so kind, so we can add them to my online portfolio.
Thu 01 March 2012
I would be delighted if all of those who have tattoos of C93 images, texts, titles—anything by or connected to my and C93’s work—could send me good quality photos of them—with their name—for use in a future C93 project. THANK YOU! Please send to  with C93 TATTOOS in the subject line.

Latest releases

Current 93: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell UK black vinyl 2LPCurrent 93: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell UK CDCurrent 93: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell North America CDDavid Tibet: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell art printCurrent 93: set of five enamel badgesCurrent 93: Dogs Blood Rising tote bagMyrninerest: Jhonn, Uttered Babylon limited LPMyrninerest: Jhonn, Uttered Babylon LPMyrninerest: Jhonn, Uttered Babylon North American CDMyrninerest: Journey to AveburyCurrent 93: And When Rome Falls CDSteffi Thiel: Late But Never CDCurrent 93: HoneySuckle Æons LP North American editionCurrent 93: HoneySuckle Æons: UK/European CDCurrent 93: HoneySuckle Æons: UK LPCurrent 93: Drank HoneySuckle Æons: 12in picture discCurrent 93: HoneySuckle Æons: North American CDCurrent 93: Baalstorm, Sing Omega CDCurrent 93 dreamt by Andrew Liles: Like Swallowing Eclipses 6LP boxSkitliv & Current 93: Bloodletting 10in picture disc

Featured items

Current 93: Aleph on Hallucinatory Mountain CDMichael Cashmore: The Snow Abides LPCurrent 93: Birdsong in the Empire CDCurrent 93: How I Devoured Apocalypse Balloon 2CDBarbara Emmel: Tatters and Whispers book

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