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Forthcoming concerts

21 April 2014


22 April 2014


23 April 2014


24 April 2014

Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof

9 May 2014

Church of St John The Baptist

10 May 2014

Halifax Minster

17 May 2014


20 September 2014

Incubate festival

Promoters interesting in booking Current 93 please contact:

Current 93 and Myrninerest booking agents (excluding North America): Mark Slater at QuJunktions: . Website.
Current 93 and Myrninerest booking agents (North America)

Other news
Tue 18 March 2014

There are some online reviews here of our new fallen album: All MusicUnrecordedMedia SnobsThe Talkhouse


There is also an excellent review by Louis Pattison in the new edition of The Wire.

Tue 18 March 2014
David is now working primarily on his edition of the Collected Works of Count Stenbock, which he hopes to publish later this year. He is also working on new albums and artwork, and considering his vinyl re-issue programme, as well as continuing his studies of Coptic and Akkadian. More details will be given as and when.
Tue 18 March 2014

Ramases collected works

A very sweet video of my friend Peter Stormare talking with great love and enthusiasm about the imminent release of the collected works of Ramases on his Stormvox label, released on April 22—with a huge amount of extra material. As some of you perhaps know, David contributed an essay, as well as artwork, to this album, and they are one of his favourite groups. Ever Ever EVER.

Tue 18 March 2014
I am receiving such an immense volume of mail that I can no longer reply to all of the many emails sent for my attention. Nor, I am afraid, is it possible for me to sign items when requested to do so. And, generally, please be aware it is rarely I who replies to communications to and Thanks for your understanding in this.
Fri 07 March 2014
I have been unable to contact some of those who pre-ordered, and paid for, SING OMEGA, 93,000 years ago. I have been sending emails out to those who haven’t either confirmed that their address remains the same as when they originally ordered the book or updated their address. Some email addresses are no longer active. So in a week or so, I will be posting a list of the names of those whom we have been unable to reach in the hope that they may read the update or website, or that people reading it may know how to contact them.
Fri 07 March 2014
Apologies to those still waiting to receive their T-shirt; we had no idea there would be so many orders. We are getting new stock of them in this week, and will start sending them out as soon as we get them. We will also be adding them back to the online shop after sending out all the orders to those waiting.
Tue 18 February 2014

There were a couple of small pieces on Shirley’s return in The Guardian newspaper. Unfortunately, there were a couple of inaccuracies in the guide to her best songs. But who believes what they read in newspapers anyway?


Shirley’s live appearanceGuide to best songs

Tue 18 February 2014
As we have mentioned before, we have a small number of Pussydom PickNicks coming up in the following months in the above-mentioned countries. We will be giving more details on them in our next update.
Tue 18 February 2014

All those who ordered the book so long ago will receive, as promised, an accompanying CD, assembled by my dear friend José Pacheco, of demos and out-takes and oddities as well as a small additional item, signed by David, which we are waiting to arrive. All the books are being sent out this week. Some people have written in saying the address that is shown online for their book to be sent to has not been updated. However, we have received all the emails we were sent notifying us of address changes, and we will be confirming these addresses with you as we send the books out.


The lyric book is still available to order from

Tue 18 February 2014
We have been inundated with orders—and still have around 1,000 to process—and so we are under great pressure. But we have started shipping orders already and sending out PayPal confirmation emails. The lyric book is being sent out to those who pre-ordered it, and to those who have just ordered it, this week, at the same time. Please bear with us; it is primarily myself and a couple of Cats who deal with sending out the items, so it will take us time to process them. But we are working as fast as we can—faster than the speed of light, and in a total eclipse of the heart.
Tue 18 February 2014
Apologies to all those who ordered UŠUMGALLU ALEPH. As I have said to you, in private emails, my workload at the moment is so excessive that I am finding it difficult to make time for all my projects. It is Very Imminent!
Tue 18 February 2014
After clearing the order backlog, I will be starting on a large joint project with Norbert Kox. In addition, I will also return to finishing off my edition of the Collected Works of Count Stenbock and preparing a series of vinyl reissues of C93 material. I have also begun work on some other items that will be released on The Spheres in editions of between 39 to 93 copies each. I am very excited about all of these. I continue to study Akkadian with Thomas Sowards, as well as Coptic; in the latter Field, I have an edition and translation of a Coptic magical text appearing in a forthcoming academic volume of some of the fascinating Coptic texts kept in Strasbourg. I will give more information on all these projects as more information becomes available.
Tue 18 February 2014

Mighty in Sorrow: a tribute to David Tibet and Current 93

Stories by Thomas Ligotti, Joseph Pulver Sr, Michael Griffin, and many others. Introduction by Andrew Liles. Cover by Aleksandra Waliszewka. Edited by Jordan Krall.


I am OverMoon to announce this beautiful PickNick Gift to me and us and our. More details, including all authors and their stories’ titles, on an update VeryVeryVery Soon.

Thu 30 January 2014

The first 93+11 seconds of “The Invisible Church”, the first track on I AM THE LAST OF ALL THE FIELD THAT FELL, is here and now, as little calf and cow.


Thu 30 January 2014

David Tibet: Sing Omega


I am OverMoon to announce that, at long last, my lyric book, SING OMEGA, is now at the printers.


I would firstly like to thank deeply all those who have waited for so long, with such patience, after ordering, and paying for, it so very long ago, Thank you all and bless you all, always.


As I am sure you will all appreciate, the æsthetic, and hence contents, of the book have changed dramatically since it was first announced. I have desired to keep it as clear as the Channel from which it flows. The book is 560 pages long and, after a brief foreword and acknowledgements, commences with my writings for 2013, the first of which is I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell and then falls back in fields of time to 1983, ending with “LAShTAL”. A beautiful essay by Thomas Ligotti on my work, “Will You Wait For Me By The Dead Clock?”, ends the text of the book, which then closes with an index of titles of albums, songs and poems and a colophon.


The endpapers reproduce my handwritten texts for two songs—the beginning of the I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell’s first song, “The Invisible Church”, and the opening lines of “I Looked To The Southside Of The Door” from Birth Canal Blues. But I have not used reproductions of my original handwritten lyrics in the rest of the book, as I disliked the lack of clarity it engendered.


930 copies of the first edition of SING OMEGA have been printed. The book will be available at the London concert, where it is formally launched along with the new C93 album. I am absolutely delighted with the book and how it has appeared.


If there are any people who would, at this stage, still like to cancel their order for whatever reason and receive a refund, please email Coptic Cat with LYRIC BOOK REFUND in the subject line.


The book is £41 plus postage and packing from It is NOT available from Coptic Cat.


Mon 18 March 2013
I imagine it’s unlikely, but are there any Assyriologists reading this who are beginning, or proficient in, Akkadian?
Thu 20 December 2012
An important section on will be an online portfolio of my artwork; both those pieces available for sale and those held in collections. I am asking all of those who own original paintings and drawings of mine to scan, or take good quality photographs, of work of mine they own, if they would be so kind, so we can add them to my online portfolio.
Thu 01 March 2012
I would be delighted if all of those who have tattoos of C93 images, texts, titles—anything by or connected to my and C93’s work—could send me good quality photos of them—with their name—for use in a future C93 project. THANK YOU! Please send to  with C93 TATTOOS in the subject line.

Latest releases

Current 93: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell UK pink vinyl 2LPCurrent 93: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell UK pink vinyl 2LP (alternative version) Current 93: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell UK black vinyl 2LPCurrent 93: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell UK CDCurrent 93: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell North America CDDavid Tibet: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell art printCurrent 93: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell Pazuzu face T-shirtDavid Tibet: Sing Omega lyric bookCurrent 93: set of five enamel badgesCurrent 93: Imperium tote bagCurrent 93: Dogs Blood Rising tote bagMyrninerest: Jhonn, Uttered Babylon limited LPMyrninerest: Jhonn, Uttered Babylon LPMyrninerest: Jhonn, Uttered Babylon North American CDMyrninerest: Journey to AveburyCurrent 93: And When Rome Falls CDCurrent 93: Luminous glow in the dark T-shirt (female)Steffi Thiel: Late But Never CDCurrent 93: HoneySuckle Æons LP North American editionCurrent 93: HoneySuckle Æons: UK/European CDCurrent 93: HoneySuckle Æons: UK LPCurrent 93: Drank HoneySuckle Æons: 12in picture discCurrent 93: HoneySuckle Æons: North American CDCurrent 93: Baalstorm, Sing Omega CDCurrent 93 dreamt by Andrew Liles: Like Swallowing Eclipses 6LP boxSkitliv & Current 93: Bloodletting 10in picture discCurrent 93: Monohallucinatory Mountain LP

Featured items

Current 93: Aleph on Hallucinatory Mountain CDMichael Cashmore: The Snow Abides LPCurrent 93: Birdsong in the Empire CDCurrent 93: How I Devoured Apocalypse Balloon 2CDDavid Tibet: Birth Canal Blues hand-printed bookBarbara Emmel: Tatters and Whispers book

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