Wed 05 December 2012
Set of five hard enamel badges

A set of five beautiful hard enamel metal badges have been made to Sing Omega and Celebrate the Codes: the Vanitas DeathFlower from Imperium, the Crucifix/Unicursal Hexagram from Dogs Blood Rising, Durtro the Pixie, the RedFace of I Have a Special Plan for this World and the Draconic Lion from Soft Black Stars. The badges measure between 25mm and 28mm on their length/height (depending on the image). This set of badges comes with a matte black card pillowbox which has been vividly silkscreened in C93 BloodRed with the legend “93 CURRENT 93” and the Crucifix/Unicursal Hexagram image. 193 sets of the badges have been made as the first run. The badges are not available individually. The set costs £33 plus postage and packing.


C93 badge set


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