Mon 07 January 2013
‘I Arose as Aleph, the Speller, the Killer’ by David Tibet now published and available to order

“And the LORD said unto Cain, Why are thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen?” – Genesis IV: 6


David Tibet and are OverMoon and UtterÆon to announce the arising of, the publication of David Tibet’s new book of paintings I AROSE AS ALEPH, THE SPELLER, THE KILLER by David Tibet, and the accompanying one-sided 12" record by Current 93, which sings the same name as the book.


On and after March 5, 2010, as much collapsed around him, David hallucinated 41 portraits of the face, the faces, that were arising inside him – it was his face, and it was the faces of Legion – which he knew and spelled as ALEPH, THE SPELLER, THE KILLER. He obsessively painted them in white ink by writing that UrText thousands of times, on black LP sleeves. Inserted in each painted sleeve, each one numbered and signed by David, was a white label test pressing of the MonoHallucinatory Mountain album, on which album’s opening track, “Invocation of Almost”, he had written of his first meeting with this dæmon: “I arose as Aleph, the Speller, the Killer/In my mind fractal texts/Broken grammars/Droning like honey”.


Today a beautiful 92-page hardback book has been published reproducing all the paintings in their narrative sequence, and with an Invocation of AlephMemory by David. 


David Tibet: 'I Arose as Aleph, the Speller, the Killer'


There are two separate editions of the book, א ALEPH and ת TAV. Each hardback book is 25 x 25 cm (10 x 10 inches) in size and is printed on heavy black paper to echo the original card of the paintings. All paintings are beautifully reproduced in their original white ink, and all text throughout the book is white. Other features of both editions of the book are decorative blocked covers, black-edged pages, printed endpapers, head- and tail-bands and sewn signatures.


The א ALEPH edition is limited to 393 copies, bound in black cloth.


The ת TAV edition is limited to 39 signed and numbered copies, bound in white cloth.


Each copy of the ת TAV edition is accompanied by a unique drawing, in white ink, by David of ALEPH, THE SPELLER, THE KILLER in the front of each book, a signed and numbered print, a signed and numbered bookmark and a white screenprinted Aleph DreamShroud.


David Tibet: 'I Arose as Aleph, the Speller, the Killer'


The design differences between א ALEPH and ת TAV are the colour of the cloth cover, the colours of the ribbon marker and the head- and tail-bands and the text of the colophon on the final page.


Both editions also come with a one-sided 12" record of a new Current 93 song, 9 minutes and 30 seconds in duration, entitled “I Arose as Aleph, the Speller, the Killer” (Coptic Cat NIFE 017V). The line up on the record is Reinier van HoudtAndrew LilesTony McPhee and David Tibet. The 12" record is included in the book’s price and will not be available for sale separately. Nor will the track be released in any other formats, including digital download.


David Tibet: 'I Arose as Aleph, the Speller, the Killer' David Tibet: 'I Arose as Aleph, the Speller, the Killer'


To see what Antony Hegarty and Norbert Kox say about the book, visit

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