Fri 22 February 2013
Austin Osman Spare limited edition fine art prints from the collection of Ossian Brown

In collaboration with Strange Attractor Press, Ossian Brown has produced two beautiful and intensely magickal fine art prints by the English visionary artist Austin Osman Spare. These striking and haunting pictures have been chosen from Ossian’s private collection and photographed specially for this edition. Mask is a previously unpublished pencil and watercolour from 1932 (190 x 254 mm [7 .5" x 10"]), and Effloration is a large and important pastel work from 1952 (488 x 650 mm [19.2" x 25.6"]). Both of these extraordinary prints are available in a hand-numbered and debossed limited edition from the Strange Attractor website. To investigate further and to place an order, click here.


Mask by Austin Osman Spare Effloration by Austin Osman Spare


Mask and Effloration, respectively.


Click to order Mask or Effloration.

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